• Game Show Excitement
  • The Game Show - BlingOh!
  • You Control The Big Prizes

BlingOh – The Prize is Right!

Game Show Fun At Trade Shows

Game show fans will love this game.  It's a modern spin on the classic tv game show "Plinko".  Our version of the game includes a video display allowing you to have a random "Big" prize.  You can give away 1 large prize per day by having a random slot.
  • Branded Graphics on the top of the board
  • Custom videos for prizes
  • Random feature for large prizes
  • Full color branded graphics and animations
  • People will line up for a chance to win.
Most simple "Plinko" games don't have our sophisticated electronics which allows you to display your branding when the prizes win. Random center slots give you control over your budget. You can mark certain spots as random which will win mainly small plizes and your daily limit of grand prizes.
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