HoloSign- 3D Holographic Display Las Vegas World Market Center 2019 CES

New for 2019! Check out our amazing custom 3d HoloSigns available for rent nationwide. We designed these custom advertising animations for Next Step Reps trade show at the Las Vegas World Market Center. They are celebrating their new 10,000 showroom addition filled with amazing products.

We can design your custom 3D Holographic Logo or product introduction that will attract and amaze the attendees at your trade show or event.  The full color holographic display is one of the top 5 technologies from CES 2019.  Simply magic is here to help you make the best of it!

Looks like your product or logo is floating in mid air.

Amazing holographic illusion in full color!

Give us a call today, let’s make your ideas a reality!




HoloSign - Our new amazing holographic display sigs available for purchase or rent nationwide

Our new amazing holographic display

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