1993 – MGM Grand Multimedia Hotel and Casino Directory

MGMGrandKiosk_1993a We started in 1993 creating touch screen interactive displays for Malls, Airports, Hotels and Fitness.  One of our casino related projects was the Grand Touch Multimedia Hotel and Casino Directory for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

MGM Grand Touch Kiosk 1993

MGM Grand Touch Kiosk 1993

Project Description

Create an interactive touch screen hotel and casino directory for guests to use to navigate the world's largest hotel and casino.

More Details

MGM GRAND Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project completed on 1993 - We used bleeding edge technology to display full screen MPEG video on demand, in a active casino environment. Display advertisements and in house promotional videos of the Grand Garden Arena, Restaurants and Theme park.
We were one of the original development companies who designed and created some of the first publicly used interactive kiosks. Our proprietary software would display screens with multimedia elements and could go unlimited layers deep. Each full color screen could have up to 10 buttons that launched audio and graphics, go to another screen or list of items, or play video and then go to another screen. Etc... We were beta test developers for Microsoft, Elographics and MicroTouch, and also Sound Blaster for multimedia sound. IBM supplied the optical disk drives that were 640 MB allowing almost an hour of on demand video. Today, you carry that power in your pocket, but back then we had to "Teach" people to touch the computer screen. Amazing 3D animations and custom logos and graphics made it way ahead of it's time.