About Simply Magic Display Systems LLC



Paul Lyon started Simply Magic Display Systems in 1993 to produce the DataVision Touch Screen Kiosks

Paul’s experience as a Newspaper publisher inspired him to start creating touch screen interactive displays for Malls, Airports, Hotels and Fitness applications.  One of his initial casino related projects was the Grand Touch Multimedia Hotel and Casino Directory for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

At the time the MGM Grand was the world’s largest hotel, Casino and Theme park.  Paul worked with MGM’s president Larry Wolf , VP Tony Alamo and the Marketing and AV staff to design the multimedia Kiosk pictured here. It was an exciting time using cutting edge technology, including IBM optical disc drives and full screen mpeg video decoded on demand. During this time he pushed the limits by using Elographics and MicroTouch screens before most people knew you could touch the screen. One of the highlights of this job was having animations that Paul designed and rendered playing on the video wall in the lobby.

MGM Grand Touch Kiosk 1993

MGM Grand Touch Kiosk 1993

MGM Grand Touch Kiosk 1993



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