Virtual Production Using Unreal Engine, NVidia Omniverse and Apple Pro Res

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The following output formats are available:

.bmp Sequence (8 bit)Outputs the movie as a sequence of .bmp images. Pixel values are clamped in the [0-1] range, meaning that no HDR values are preserved. Applies sRGB encoding curve.
.exr Sequence (16 bit)HDR values are preserved but if the Tone Curve is enabled, linear values are rescaled to approximately the [0-1] range with only the brightest highlights going above one. Disabling the Tone Curve writes linear values in the [0-100] or more range depending on the intensity of lights and other bright objects. No sRGB encoding curve is applied to .exr targets.
.jpg Sequence (8 bit)Outputs the movie as a sequence of .jpg images. Applies sRGB encoding curve.
.png Sequence (8 bit)Outputs the movie as a sequence of .png images. Transparency is supported with the correct project settings. Applies sRGB encoding curve.
.wav AudioOutputs a .wav audio file alongside any other output formats you have selected. Refer to WAV Audio for more information.
Final Cut Pro XMLOutputs files alongside a Final Cut Pro XML. Refer to Final Cut Pro XML(#finalcutproxml).
Apple ProRes (10-12 bit)Outputs a movie file using Apple ProRes. Refer to Apple ProRes Video Codecs for more information.
Avid DNx (8 bit)Outputs a movie file using Avid DNx. Refer to Avid DNx Video Codecs for more information.

The sRGB information only applies when using the default color options. See the [OCIO documentation]() for more details.

Some of these formats have additional information and options, which are listed below.

EXR Sequences

Click the Codec dropdown to select your desired codec for the final video file. The following codecs are available:

CodecPixel DepthEstimated Bit Rate at 1080 x 1920 and 30 FPSDescription
Apple ProRes 422 Proxy10 bit45 mbpsHighest compression. Intended for use in offline workflows that require low data rates but full-resolution video.
Apple ProRes 422 LT10 bit100 mbpsA more compressed version of Apple ProRes 422, estimated at roughly 30% smaller file size. Intended for environments with limited storage and data rate.
Apple ProRes 42210 bit150 mbpsHigh quality compression for full-width 4:2:2 video sources. Intended for multistream, real-time editing.
Apple ProRes 422 HQ10 bit220 mbpsA higher bit-rate version of Apple ProRes 422. Offers the same level of quality as ProRes 4444, but for 4:2:2 video sources.
Apple ProRes 444412 bit330 mbpsHigh-quality compression format for 4:4:4:4 image sources. Provides an extremely high-quality image and supports alpha channels. Can support both RGB and YCbCr formats. Output files are very large.
Apple ProRes 4444 XQ12 bit500 mbpsHighest-quality storage with support for alpha channels. 12 bits of precision for RGB channels and 16 bits for alpha. Output files are extremely large.

For more information about each of these codecs, see Apple’s documentation on Apple ProRes.

The Drop Frame Timecode setting will set the timecode track to use the drop-frame format. This is only applicable if your sequence has a framerate of 29.97.

If you enable Override Maximum Encoding Threads, you can set the Max Number of Encoding Threads to a manual number. This sets the maximum number of CPU threads that you want to allow the codec to use in the encoding process for the video file. Using more threads will make encoding faster, but will result in a higher CPU usage.

Apple ProRes does not export any audio. Use the WAV Audio format setting to output a separate .wav file alongside your video so that you can combine them in post-production.

Not all video player software supports all Apple ProRes codecs. If your video cannot be played in your software, try using a different codec to see if it resolves the issue.

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